Sophie Langri, MA

Sophie Langri, MA, holds a BA in East Asian Studies and Anthropology from Montréal University and an MA in Sociology and Politics of Development from the University of Cambridge, England. She has been the project manager for the Institute of Tibetan Classics since 1999. Since 2003, Langri has been a regular attendee at the Mind & Life Dialogues with the Dalai Lama. Her participation in these conferences has enabled her to interact with neuroscientists, psychologists, and educators who are passionate about translating important scientific insights into the domain of education.

In addition, Langri has received extensive training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as well as Restorative Justice methods. Combining her NVC background with what she has learned through years of interaction with scientists in the field of brain and learning, in 2008 Langri created and began Ma Classe Zone de Paix, a school program teaching social and emotional learning (SEL) for children ages 5–12. For this innovative school program, Langri was awarded the YMCA Québec Peace Medal in 2010.

She is currently working as an SEL consultant with the Ministry of Education Québec for the Grandes Rencontres project, which will give information to all school regions about SEL throughout Québec. She is currently also in the process of receiving her certification as a Stanford Compassion Cultivation Training instructor. Langri is the co-founder, along with Tara Wilkie, of the Institute of Social Emotional Education and the co-author of CS3, a K-8 curriculum. She lives in Montréal with her husband and two daughters.